Install BuildCentral in Salesforce Lightning View package features

Requirements: Salesforce Enterprise Edition or above, Lightning, and My Domain

  1. Have your Salesforce and BuildCentral login information ready.
  2. Install the latest BuildCentral package into your Salesforce account using this URL:
  3. Grant your Salesforce account access to BuildCentral's server.
  4. In Salesforce App Launcher, launch Sales and then Personalize your Nav Bar.
  5. In Edit App Navigation Items, click Add More Items, select BuildCentral Projects and Save.
  6. Click BuildCentral Projects from the nav bar. Select Account from the Settings Menu to sign into your BuildCentral account.

Permission Sets for Apex Class Access

Create Permission Sets to access Apex classes if you receive the following error:
You do not have access to the Apex class named...
  • In your Salesforce account, navigate to Setup > Users > Permission Sets.
    Create a new Permission Set, choose Apex Class Access, and click Edit.

  • Add all Apex classes that starts with "buildcentral".
  • Assign the new Permission Set to users that will access BuildCentral Projects.